Mikrotik configuration for Unifi broadband

My first example, configuring RB750GL router to replace D-Link router supplied by TM with its UNIFI package.

RB750GL is a 5 ports, low cost SOHO router produced by MikroTik. It’s rich in functionality includes advanced routing and networking features,comparable to that of enterprise class router at a fraction of the cost.

RB750GL is powered by Mikrotik RouterOS software, it’s features includes: VLAN, routing, firewall, bandwidth management, hotspot gateway, VPN and many more. We will explore the advance functionality as we move along. That’s one of the reason I am replacing the D-Link router.

My configuration for Unifi setup.

1. Ether1 as WAN port ( connected to BTU-Broadband Termination Unit)
2. Ether2 for IPTV connection
3. Ether3, Ether4, Ether 5 – LAN port to desktop

First thing first
We need to download the remote GUI configuration tool, WinBox, to configure our router. Alternatively you can also used the web based configuration tools or command line but in this article we’ll used the gui tools instead, which provide a quicker access to setting. The web interface/command line are organized very similar to the winbox menu.

Mikrotik dowload page is where we can download RouterOS latest software upgrades, and other free tools.



Configuration using WinBox

1. Plug your computer/laptop into the Ethernet adapter 2 of the router.
2. Configure your computer’s network card with a static IP that’s within the same subnet as the router.
3. I am using for my desktop, my default router IP on ether2 is
4. Open WinBox, type in Connect To: the IP of the RouterOS, , by default the router username: Admin, no password and hit Connect button.

You should see this, meaning you are now connected to the router

Connected to Router

TM Unifi is using VLAN 500 for Internet service and VLAN 600 for IPTV service.

We’ll now create our VLAN interface for the service

4 thoughts on “Mikrotik configuration for Unifi broadband

  1. I try to setup this but i got prob. when I ping internet from mikrotik, ok. but fail when i ping internet from my desktop.

  2. Is the configurations the same for the Mikrotik RB751G-2HnD?
    It seems a little different compared to the Mikrotik RB750GL. The first page after login page is a quick setup interface.

    • Hi Albert, thanks for visiting. Configuration is the same, Mikrotik RB751G-2HnD has wireless interface RB750GL, do not have one . Maybe that why you are seeing different interface, extra wireless interface. I prefer to use winbox for configuration, you can also do it thru’ web interface, result should be the same. Feel free to ask, I will try to share my experience, or is there any article you need me to write to clarify Mikrotik configuration.

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